LDV20 and NOI Techpark to support innovative start-ups

The partnership between LDV20 and NOI Techpark has been signed, with the aim of promoting and allowing the growth of innovative start-ups in the South Tyrolean ecosystem.

The support to start-ups is considered a key element for the development of South Tyrol in the coming years and based on this shared concept Sparkasse with LDV20 and NOI Techpark have signed an agreement aimed at supporting new companies that will distinguish themselves in the proposal of innovative and sustainable projects.

The partnership is therefore born with the aim of being able to analyze the initiatives together, select the most noteworthy and provide the necessary assistance to promote business development. The skills and know-how of NOI Start-up Incubator, together with the financial and sustainability consulting skills of Sparkasse, will allow to encourage and guide the growth path.

“In our Start-up Incubator we create the ideal environment for aspiring entrepreneurs through targeted services such as workshops, mentorships and much more. The proximity to research institutes, universities and other companies gives space to valuable ideas and synergies. This new collaboration with Sparkasse gives our start-ups direct access to the know-how and contacts of the banking world – an added value for these young people who are approaching the business world as protagonists,” says Ulrich Stofner, Director of NOI Techpark.

The agreement will be an important resource for the NOI Start-up Incubator, the body that is committed to supporting and promoting the birth and development of innovative start-ups on a daily basis” adds Petra Gratl, Head of NOI Start-up Incubator.

The objectives of NOI Techpark are perfectly in line with the Bank’s aims, i.e. to promote the development of the entrepreneurial fabric present in South Tyrol“, says Nicola CalabrĂ², Sparkasse CEO, and recalls: “This focus on innovation is not new to Sparkasse, which launched LDV20, the new space dedicated to innovation and entrepreneurship, a year ago. In this first year of activity LDV20 has managed to create and significantly expand its network of start-ups and incubators, also launching some calls for start-ups and innovative SMEs, aimed at supporting youth entrepreneurship“.

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