RADAR 2021: the Call is closed

The call phase of the second edition of our Open Innovation Program "RADAR" is now closed.

The Call for Innovation started with three challenges launched by our customers FZ Sonick, Melinda and MSM Stampi, aiming to identify innovative solutions related to sustainability and digital transformation.
We spent the last month looking for innovative solutions and now the search is over: around 40 of the best startups and SMEs from Italy and Europe applied. In their presentations, the innovative companies applying for the FZ Sonick challenge proposed solutions to connect devices in the home and described to us the houses and cities of the future. The Melinda startup candidates told us how they are transforming companies so that they include reducing energy consumption and focusing on renewable energy sources among their goals. Finally, the candidates for MSM Stampi gave us a first-hand experience of the factory of the present and the future with their automation solutions.
We will present the most interesting cases at our annual event on 28th October. Follow us for updates on the companies’ projects and contact us if you want to innovate your company with us!

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