RADAR: young company founded by women as the best start-up with focus on ecological change

The latest edition of RADAR, the annual initiative of the Sparkasse about innovation in companies thanks to the collaboration with young start-ups, came to a successful conclusion with the awarding of the best of them. The focus was on the topic: investments in ecological change and biotechnology. The winning start-up was Arxax, a young company founded by two women.

“It all started with an experiment three years ago. In the meantime, RADAR has developed into a service with high added value for our corporate customers. The latest edition is new, as the emphasis has been placed on innovation from the point of view of sustainability. As Sparkasse, we promote initiatives to achieve tangible results for the environment and society, to preserve our ecosystems and find sustainable development solutions,” explains Nicola Calabrò, Delegated Administrator and General Director of Sparkasse.

As the best start-up was chosen Arxax Ltd, a young company, founded by two young female entrepreneurs, that operates in the field of climate technology and develops smart solutions for the transport and logistics sector. The winner will receive a vehicle on long-term lease from Sparkasse Auto, as well as the opportunity to implement projects together with solid local companies.

Also participating in the initiative were the startup companies Odis Solutions, which operates in the Smart Farming sector (resource-efficient solutions for sustainable agriculture), Orobix Life, which offers services in the field of artificial intelligence, Ecosteer, a software and blockchain company for the protection and control of personal data, and Aigritec, which operates in the field of apple harvesting automation.

After careful evaluation by the jury, chaired by Alessandra Cancelliere, Responsible of the Strategic Analytics & Innovation Lab department of the Sparkasse, the decision to award Arxax Ltd. was made based on the following reflection: “It was really difficult for the jury to choose the best among the startups presented, especially considering the potential that each one expressed. By awarding the prize to Arxax, we wanted to award a young company and its two extremely capable founders, whose business model, which is focused on reducing emissions in the logistics sector, is well structured and has a clear and ambitious development path.”

With great attention, the participants followed the topic of “ESG factors and environmental change” from the two guest speakers Alessandro Santini, Vice Director of Confindustria Trento, and Mirco Marchiodi, Responsible of the Study Center of the Confindustria. The third guest speaker Elena Sgaravatti, Vice-President of the national association Federchimica Assobiotec and CEO of Planta Rei Biotec, spoke about the latest and future developments on the topic of “Investments in Life Science and Biotech”.

“Investments in ecological change and biotechnologies are becoming increasingly interesting for companies” said Sofia Khadiri, who oversees the Innovation Lab LDV20 at the Sparkasse, to explain the choice of focus for the latest edition of RADAR.

The event, which took place at the Sparkasse Academy, was held under a special sign: To send a signal towards sustainability, the CO2-emissions of the event were limited and the rest compensated, thanks to the support of the young start-up Up2You.

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