LDV20 goes Pink

LDV20 and Sparkasse collaborated with the Department of Information Engineering and Computer Science of the University of Trento on a project about female employment and breaking the glass ceiling.

We started by taking a look at female employment has played out over the last half-century. In the seventies, the percentage of female employees in the workforce began to grow despite there being a large discrepancy in terms of pay and career opportunities when compared to most male workers. Our project started from this premise and focused on analyzing education, entry barriers in the workforce, opportunities for professional advancement, job satisfaction, and the difficulties of reconciliation between work and family life. We also had the possibilities the company provided to facilitate these issues and provide better balance.

Five students, coordinated by Dr. Moreno Ferrarese (professor of Business Organization), took part in the project and conducted vis-a-vis interviews with 34 Sparkasse employees. The results of these interviews were treated anonymously. The aim was to give the possibility to apply academic notions in a complex and heterogeneous business reality like that of a bank.

In the photo, from left to right: Prof. Moreno Ferrarese, Dr. Alessia Barbino, Alice Lorenzini, Francesca Elipanni, Elisa Cristoforetti, Nadia Benini, Laura Nachira, for University of Trento and Sonia Albano, Lisa Brutti Pietro Trentini for Sparkasse).

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