Reacting to the crisis

The health situation that affected the whole world between the end of 2019 and 2020 has led to a rethinking of many business models based on direct contact between people.

In particular, high quality products, such as the fine wines of South Tyrol, can no longer be tasted directly by customers and it becomes more difficult for producers to tell their story and qualities.
From these and other challenges came #wegainstvirus, a completely online hackathon organized by the Hack The Alps team. 13 Nationalities, 11 Teams, 5 Mentors, 3 areas: Database For Hospitals, School and Homework, Food and Delivery Service. Participants had 24 hours, from 9.00am on 28th March 2020 to 9.00am the following day, to develop their projects and present them to the promoters.
LDV20’s mentorship went mainly to the Fill the Wine Bottle App project, a gamification and communication project linked to the world of Trentino Alto Adige wineries. The team, made up of Laura De Bortoli, Olga Korovina, Francesca Mabritto and David Ullrich, was able to present the most appreciated idea and therefore won the first prize of 500€, donated entirely to the fundraising for the health institutions that are fighting the virus! Their idea will now be followed by our team, stay tuned for great news!

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