Impulsi Vivi – Tools for Cultural Entrepreneurs

Culture and business join together with a new target - project management.

This is the new focus of Impulsi Vivi 4th edition chosen by the Youth Policy Office of the Italian Culture Division of the Autonomous Province of Bolzano and created by Irecoop Alto Adige ““ Südtirol.
Launched on the 17th of September in LDV20, the space dedicated to Leonardo da Vinci, Impulsi Vivi found a room full of people dedicated to uniting creativity, entrepreneurship, and culture. This was an opportunity to hear live testimonies from those who work in this sector every day.

“We live in an unusual area where three cultures blend”, the Councilor for Italian Culture of the Autonomous Province of Bolzano Giuliano Vettorato states, “and where cultures merge, the results are always exceptional. Impulsi Vivi is a platform that provides the necessary tools to those that want to realize their projects in the cultural field “.

“This year we wanted to reimagine what Impulsi Vivi is by redirecting our goal towards project management. We realized that many companies in this sector manage diverse projects, but the required management skills are left behind.”, says Teresa Pedretti, general manager of Irecoop Alto Adige – Südtirol. The new course will help develop the necessary skills and base them on the strategic and managerial values through workshops and training.

Romina Surace, a researcher from Symbola – Italian Quality Foundation, is convinced that cultural enterprises help broaden the horizons of the territory we live in. Listed in their annual report, among the 200 best Italian practices, is Impulsi Vivi. Why? Because the project recognizes the value of the link between culture and creativity and the occupation of young people. Companies that invest in the creative sector tend to strive for continuous innovation and provide better long-term results.

Sara Moscatelli, from the communication and development office of CoopCulture, mentioned: “A business in culture can be done! We need to know how to invest in young people and innovation.” She also mentioned that most young people start new businesses as a form of collaboration. A common goal is a key factor when creating jobs in this sector.

With nine workshops scheduled over the course of the next few months, we will have the opportunity to see new ideas develop in this sector.

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